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Run Rabbit Run is a fun fast paced local multiplayer game featuring rabbits and a fox for 2 players.

It has 2 game modes:

1: Predator and pray, In this game mode one of you is a rabbit, the rabbit has to eat 9 carrots to win and the other player is the fox who has to chase and eat the rabbit.

2: Eating contest Both players are rabbits competing over food, the one who has eaten the most carrots when they are all gone is the winner!

You will need 2 controllers and a friend to play.


X on the controller to eat carrots or rabbits.

Y on the controller to jump. (or taunt your friends by thumping as a rabbit if you are not moving)

Left joystick to move around.

So far there is only a Windows download


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Run Rabbit Run.rar 40 MB


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Good question. In the current version I think you do need two controllers to play, I had not worked out how to re route the controller input when only one controller is plugged in when I made this, in my sailing game I've fixed this problem tho. Thanks for pointing this out, maybe ill come back to this and add it some time, although I am rather busy atm so I wont make any promesses

there doesnt seem to be a way for there to be one player on keyboard and one on controller :(

how do i control fox